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What is Summer Mission School?

Four weeks in the pleasant summer of Croatia learning about using various forms of media in missions. The Summer School begins on Saturday, July 1st and ends on Monday, July 31st 2017.

Summer Mission School offers you good opportunities to learn about God, missions and about using the media. The School includes classes and lectures, as well as workshops for putting theoretical knowledge into practice. You can participate in one or more workshop teams: video filming, editing, acting, producing & directing.

Video production from A to Z will be taught.  Small groups of participants will, during the 4 weeks, make video projects from start to completion. They will also practise using various kinds of blogs in sharing the Gospel in social media, and participate a bit in the life and work of the Kutina Evangelical Church.

The aim of the Summer School is to give participants a glimpse or a taste of missions and media, and to encourage them to be active in their home churches. Participants come from Finland.

Costs: 150 € upon acceptance of application plus 300 €, total 450 € for Summer School, accommodation and all meals. Additionally travel expenses from Finland to Croatia. Participants arrange their travel themselves.

Practical information

Teachers/instructors and responsible staff of the Summer School are Sansa Media Coordinator, Bachelor of Social Services, Petteri Rantamäki, and Media Producer Thiago Braz de Almeida, who leads the Christian young people’s M18 group in Kutina. In video projects, M18 media team members will assist. Erja Sulonen assists in all practical matters.

Accommodation is mainly in the facilities of the Kutina Evangelical Church and M18, in dormitory style.

M18 is a group of young people (Brazilians, Finns, Croatians, etc.) producing innovative artistic outreaches with a fresh style. Activities include among other things quality teaching in dance, media, theatre, and graphics. In the Summer Mission School M18 makes available their expertise and equipment.

The Summer Mission School will include four weeks of intensive studying, living and work – all in English. Additionally, the School includes personal missions contributions for example in the form of blogging, sharing SMS videos in social media, presenting your SMS Croatia experience in your home church etc.




450 € + travel costs

How many?

20 students

Last day to apply





Kutina, Croatia



Decisions will be emailed


2016 student feedback

Joanna Rönkkö

I had the privileged to attend the 2016 Summer Mission School as a student and learn about photography, video shooting and directing short movies. My favorite part was learning how to shoot dance videos, since the movement is so rapid and video angles need to be carefully planned. SMS felt like a family camp. People of different ages treated each other with love and respect. SMS is an excellent opportunity to grow in your relationship with God, and learn about missions and media at the same time!

Jenna Kemppainen

My time in Summer Mission School was something unforgettable and I am so grateful for that experience. I learned a lot about media work, but also much about myself and God's love. I saw so many ways how to spread God's love and use the gifts that God has given to us. I now feel that I am more open to see what God wants me to do in the future. The people and the work that they do in Kutina inspired me a lot. SMS taught me much and I am so thankful for it! If you want to spend…read more

Vilma Törmälä

I had an awesome time in great company and found God in a whole new way. The food was delicious and sceneries gorgeous. If you enjoy great company and have even a little bit of faith in God I recommend going.  

Interested? Contact us

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For more information contact: Petteri Rantamäki, tel. +358 50 341 5303

2016 video projects



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