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 انقر هنا  اطلبوا تجدوا

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الخطب متاحة أيضا في

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Osion kuva

WEEK  أسبوعBIBLE الكتاب المقدسAudioPDF
Week 28Luke 9: 28-36ListenDownload
Week 27Luke 6: 27-31ListenDownload
Week 26Mark 3: 13-19ListenDownload
Week 25Luke 13: 1-5ListenDownload
Week 24Matthew 9: 9-13ListenDownload
Week 23Luke 9: 57-62ListenDownload
Week 22Matthew 16: 24-27ListenDownload
Week 21Matthew 28: 16-20Listen Download
Week 20John 3: 16-21ListenDownload
Week 19John 17: 18-23ListenDownload
Week 18Luke 11: 5-13ListenDownload
Week 17John 15: 10-17ListenDownload
Week 16John 14: 1-7ListenDownload
Week 15John10: 1-10ListenDownload
Week 14Luke 24: 36-39ListenDownload
Week 13Matteus 28: 1-8Listen Download
Week 12Matteus 21: 12-17ListenDownload
Week 11Luukas 1: 46-55ListenDownload
Week 10John 6: 48-58ListenDownload
Week 09John 8: 46-59ListenDownload
Week 08Luke 7: 36-50ListenDownload
Week 07Mark 1: 12-13ListenDownload
Week 06Mark 10: 32-45ListenDownload
Week 05Luke 2: 22-33ListenDownload
Week 04Luke 17: 7-10ListenDownload
Week 03Mark 1: 29-39ListenDownload
Week 02Luke 4: 16-21Listen Download
Week 01Luke 3: 15-22ListenDownload
Week 52Luukas 2: 33-40ListenDownload
Week 51Matt. 1: 18-24ListenDownload
Week 50John 1: 19-27ListenDownload
Week 49Luke 17: 20-24ListenDownload
Week 48Luke 19: 28-40ListenDownload
Week 47Matteus 25: 31-46ListenDownload
Week 46Markus 13: 33-37ListenDownload
Week 45Luke 12: 4-7ListenDownload
Week 44Matthew 18: 15-22Listen Download
Week 43Matthew 16: 1-4Listen Download
Week 42Luke 10: 1-12ListenDownload
Week 41Joh. 9: 24-38ListenDownload
Week 40Markus 12: 28-34ListenDownload
Week 39Matt.18: 1-6-7-9-10ListenDownlod
Week 38John 11: 21-45Listen Download
Week 37Luukas 10: 38-42ListenDownload
Week 36John 5: 1-15ListenDownload
Week 35Math. 5: 43-48ListenDownload
Week 34Matt. 12: 33-37ListenDownload
Week 33Matt. 21: 28-33ListenDownload
Week 32Luukas 4: 23-30ListenDownload
Week 31Matt. 25: 14-30ListenDownload
Week 30Matt. 7: 13-14ListenDownload
Week 29Mark 9: 2-8ListenDownload
Week 28Mark 10:17-27ListenDownload
Week 27Matteus 16: 13-19ListenDownload
Week 26John 8: 2-11ListenDownload
Week 25Luke 15: 11-32ListenDownload
Week 24Luke 19: 1-10ListenDownload
Week 23Luke 12: 13-21ListenDownload
Week 22John 14: 15-21ListenDownload
Week 21John 7: 37-39ListenDownload
HELATORSTAIJohn 17: 24-27ListenDownload
Week 20Matt. 6: 5-13ListenDownload
Week 19John 17: 6-10ListenDownload
Week 18John 17: 11-17ListenDownload
Week 17John 21:15-19ListenDownload
Week 16John 21: 1-14ListenDownload
Week 15John 20: 1-10ListenDownload
Week 14John 12: 1-8ListenDownload
Week 13Luke 1:39-45Download
Week 12John 6: 24-35Download
Week 11John 12: 37-43Download
Week 10Mark 9: 17-29Download
Week 09Mathew 16: 21-23Download
Week 08John 12: 25-33Download
Week 07John 4: 31-38Download
Week 06Luke 2: 22-33Download
Week 05Matt. 14. 22-33Download
Week 04John 4:39-42Download
Week 03John 4: 5-26Download
Week 02John 1: 29-34Download
LOPPIAINENMatt. 2: 1-12
WEEK 01John 14: 12-14Download
2023 2023 2023
Week 52Luke 2: 1-20Download
Week 51Matt. 1: 18-24Download
Week 50Matt. 11: 11-19Download
Week 49Luke 12.-35-40Download
Week 48Mark 11: 1-10Download
Week 47Matteus 25:31-46Download
Week 46Matteus 25:1-13Download
Week 45John 4:46-53Download
Week 44Matteus 22:1-14Download
Week 43Matteus 22:34-40Download
Week 42Luukas 14:1-6Download
Week 41Matteus 18:1-6 (7-9)-10Download
Week 40Matteus 6:24-35Download
Week 39Luukas 17:11-19Download
Week 38Luukas 10:25-37Download
Week 37Mark 7:31-37Download
Week 36Luke 18:9-14Download
Week 35Luke 19:41-48Download
Week 34Luke 16:1-9Download
Week 33Matt. 7:15-23Download
Week 32Matt. 17:1-8Download
Week 31Matt. 5:20-30Download
Week 30Luke 5:1-11Download
Week 29Luke 6:36-42Download
Week 28Luke 15:1-10Download
Week 27Luke 14:16-28Download
Week 26Luke 16:19-31Download
Week 25John 3:1-15Download
Week 24John 14:23-31Download
Week 23John 15:26-16:4Download
HELATORSTAIMark. 16:14–20Download
Week 22John 16:23-33Download
Week 21John 16:5-15Download
Week 20John 16:16-23Download
Week 19John 10:11-16Download
Week 18John 20:19-31Download
Week 17Luukas 24:1-12Download
Week 16John 12:12-24Download
Week 15John 11:47-53Download
Week 14Luukas 1:26-38Download
Week 13Luukas 11:14-26Donwload
Week 12Matteus 15:21-28Download
Week 11Matthew 4:1-11Download
Week 10Luukas 18:31-43Download
Week 09Luke 8:4-15Download
Week 08Matteus 20:1-16Download
Week 07Luukas 2:22-23Download
Week 06Matteus 8:23-27Download
Week 05Matteus 8:5-13Download
Week 04John 2:1-11Download
Week 03Matteus 3:13-17Download
WEEK 02Luukas 2:41-52Download
2022- 2022- 2022- 2022- 2022- 2022
Week 52Matteus 10:16-22Download
Week 51Matteus 1:18-24Download
Week 50Matth. 11:2-10Download
Week 49Luukas 21:25-36Download
Week 48Matthew 21:1-9Download
Week 47Matthew 25:31-46Download
Week 46Matthew 24:36-44Download
Week 45Matthew 17:24-27Download
Week 44Matthew 6:14-14Download
Week 43Matthew 5:13-16Download
Week 42John 13:16-20Download
Week 41John 7:40–52Download
Week 40Matthew 18:1-10Download
Week 39Mark 7:5-13Download
Week 38John 5:19-21Download
Week 37Matteus 6:19-24Download
Week 36Matteus 11:25-39Download
Week 35Mark 12:41-44Download
Week 34John 9:1-7; 39-41Download
Week 33Matteus 23:1-12Download
Week 32Matteus 11:20-24Download
Week 31Luke 12:42-48Download 
Week 30Matt. 7:24-29Download
Week 29Luke 9:28-36Download
Week 28  Luke 6:27-31  Download
Week 27Mark 3:13-19Download
Week 26Luke 13:1-5Download
Week 25Matthew 9:9-13Download
Week 24Luke 9:57-62Download
Week 23Matthew 16:24-27Download 
Week 22Matthew 28:16-20Download 
Week 21John 3: 16-21Download
Week 20John 17:18-23Download
Week 19Luke 11:5-13Download
Week 18John 15:10-17Download
Week 17John 14:1-7Download
Week 16John 10:1-10Download
Week 15Luke 24:36-49Download
Week 14Matteus 28:1-8Download 
Week 13Matteus 19:12-17Download
Week 12Luke 1:46-55Download
Week 11Johannes 6:48-58Download
Week 10Johannes 8:46-59Download
Week 09Luke 7:36-50Download
Week 08Markus 1:12-13Download 
Week 07Markus 10:32-45Download
Week 06Luke 2:22-33Download
3. sunnuntai loppiaisestaLuke 17:7-10Download
3. sunnuntai loppiaisestaMark 1:29-39Download
2. sunnuntai loppiaisestaLuke 4:16-21Download
1. sunnuntai loppiaisestaLuke 3:15-18, 21-22Download
2. sunnuntai joulustaJohn 7:14-18Download
JANUARY 202120212021
Week 52John 21.19-24Download
Week 51Matt. 1.18-24Download
Week 50Joh. 1:19–27Download
Week 49Luke 17:20-24Download
JOULU 2020Luukas 2:1-20Download
Week 48Luukas 19:28-40Download
Week 47Matt. 25.31-46Download
Week 46Markus 13.33-37Download
Week 45Mathieu 18.15-18Download
Week 44Matt. 16:1-4Download
Week 43Luke 10:1-12Download
Week 42Joh. 9:24-38Download
Week 41Mark 12:28-34Download
Week 40Matt. 18:1-10Download
Week 39Joh. 11:21-45Download
Week 38Luc 10:38-42Download
Week 37Joh. 5:1-15Download
Week 36Matt. 5:43-48Download
Week 35Mat 12:33-37Download
Week 34Matt. 21:28-33Download
Week 33Luukas 4:23-30Download
Week 32Matt. 25:14-30Download
Week 31Matt. 7:13-14Download
Week 30Mark 9:2-8Download
Week 29Mark 10:17-27Download
Week 28Mathew 16:13-19Download
Week 27John 8:1-11Download
Week 26Luke 15:11-32Download
Week 25Luke 19:1-10Download
Week 24Luke 12:13-21Download
Week 23John 15:1-10Download
Week 22John 14:15-21Download
Week 21John 7:37-39Download
Week 20Matteus 6:5-13Download
Week 19John 17:6-10Download
Week 18John 17:11-17Download
Week 17John 21:15-19Download
Week 16John 21:1-14Download
Week 15John 20:1-10Download
Week 14John 12:1-8Download
Week 13Luke 13. 31-35Download
Week 12Luke 1:39-45Download
Week 11John 12:37-43Download
Week 10Mark 9:17-29Download
Week 09Matt. 16:21-33Download
Week 08John 12:25-33Download
Week 07John 4:31-38Download 
Week 06Matt. 19:27-30Download
Week 05Luke 2:22-33Download
Week 04John 4:39-42Download
Week 03John 4:5-26Download
Week 02John 1:29-34Download
Week 01John 10:22-30Download
2019 Week 52Luukas 2:33-40Download
JoulupäiväLuukas 2:1-19Download
Week 51Matt. 1:18-24Download
Week 50John 1:35-37Download
Week 49Luke 12:35-40Download
Week 48Mark 11:1-11Download
Week 47Matt. 25:31-46Download
Week 46Matt. 25:1-13Download
Week 45Joh. 4:46-53Download
Week 44Matt. 22:1-14Download
Week 43Mark 2:1-12Download
Week 42Matt. 22:34-40Download
Week 41Luke 14:1-6Download
Week 40Luke 7:11-16Download
Week 39Matt. 18:1-10Download
Week 38Luke 17:11-19Download
Week 37Luke 10:25-37Download
Week 36Mark 7:31-37Download 
Week 35Luke 18:9-14Download
Week 34Luke 19:41-48Download
Week 33Luke 16:1-9Download
Week 32Matt. 7:15-23Download
Week 31Matt. 17:1-8Download
Week 30Matt. 5:20-30Download
Week 29Luke 5:1-11Download
Week 28Luke 6:36-42Download
Week 27Luke 15:1-10Download
Week 26Luke 14:16-24Download
Week 25Luke 16:19-31Downolad
Week 24Joh. 3:1-15Download
Week 23Joh. 14:21-29Download
Week 22Joh. 15:26-16:4Download
HelatorstaiMark 16:14-20Download
Week 21John 16:23-33Download
Week 20John 16:5-15Download
Week 19John 16:16-23Download
Week 18John 10:11-16Download
Week 17John 20:19-31Download
Week 16Luukas 24:1-12Download
Week 15Joh. 12:12-24Download
Week 14Joh. 11:47-53Download
Week 13Joh. 6:1-15Download
Week 12Luke 1:26-38Download
Week 11Matt. 15:21-28Download
Week 10Matt. 4:1-11Download
Week 09Luke 18:31-43Download
Week 08Luke 8:4-15Download
Week 07Matt. 20:1-16Download
Week 06Matt. 13:24-30Download
Week 05Luuk. 2:22-33Download
Week 04Matt. 8:5-13Download
Week 03John 2:1-11Download
Week 02Matt. 3:13-17Download
Week 01Matt. 2:1-12Download
2018 Week 52Luukas 2:33-40Download
Week 51Matt. 1:18-24Download
Week 50Matt. 11.2-10Download
Week 49Luukas 21:25-36Download
Week 48Matt. 21:1-9Download
Week 47Matt. 25:31-46Download
Week 46Matt. 24:36-44Download
Week 45Luukas 20:27-40Download
Week 44Matt. 17:24-27Download
Week 43Matt. 6:14-15Download
Week 42Matt. 5:13-16Download
Week 41John 13:16-20Download
Week 40John 7:40-52Download
Week 39Matt. 18:1-10Download
Week 38Mark 7:5-13Download
Week 37John 5:19-21Download
Week 36Matt. 6:19-24Download
Week 35Matt. 11:24-35Download
Week 34Mark 12:41-44Download
Week 33John 9:1-47Download
Week 32Matt. 23:1-12Download
Week 31Matt. 11:20-24Download
Week 30Luke 12:42-48Download
Week 29Matt. 7:24-29Download
Week 28Luke 9:26-38Download
Week 27Luke 6:27-31Download
Week 26Mark 3:13-19Download
Week 25Luke 13:1-5Download
Week 24Matt. 9:9-13Download
Week 23Luke 9:57-62Download
Week 22Matt. 16:24-27Download
Week 21Matt. 28:16-20Download
Week 20John 3:16-21Download
Week 19John. 17:18-23Download
Week 18Luke 11:5-13Download
Week 17John 15:10-17Download
Week 16John 14:1-7Download
Week 15John 10:1-10Download
Week 14Luke 24:36-49Download
Week 13Matthew 28:1-8Download
Week 12Matthew 21:12-17Download
Week 11Luke 1:46-55Download
Week 10John 6:48-58Download
Week 09John 8:46-59Download
Week 08Luke 7:36-50Download
Week 07Mark 1:12-13Download
Week 06Mark 10:32-45Download
Week 05Luke 2:21-33Download
Week 04Luke 17:7-10Download
Week 03Mark 1:29-39Download
Week 02Luke 4:16-21Download
Week 01Luke 3:15-18, 21-22Download
2017 Week 52Luke 2:33-40Download
Week 51Matthew 1:18-24Download
Week 50John 3:26-30Download
Week 49Luke 17:20-24Download
Week 48Luke 19:28-40Download
Week 47Matthew 25:31-46Download
Week 46Mark 13:33-37Download
Week 45Matthew 18:15-18Download
Week 44Matthew 16:1-4Download
Week 43Luke 10:1-12Download
Week 42John 9:24-38Download
Week 41Mark 12:28-34Download
Week 40Mark 2:18-22Download
Week 39Matthew 18:1-10Download
Week 38Luke 10:38-42Download
Week 37John 5:1-5Download
Week 36Matthew 5:43-48Download
Week 35Matthew 12:33-37Download